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Master your best pickleball warmup routine with groundstrokes—the secret to max your performance

Jeff Elwood- Klyng Ambassador
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When it comes to warming up before a game of pickleball, many players neglect the importance of groundstrokes. Instead, they may focus on dinking, serving or volleying during their warmup. However, this can be a big mistake as groundstrokes are essential in the game of pickleball. Master your pickleball warmup routine with groundstrokes—the secret to max your performance

One common mistake people make when neglecting groundstrokes in warmups is not realizing how crucial they are for consistency in the game. Ground strokes allow players to control the ball and maintain rallies, which can often lead to winning points.

Another mistake is not taking the time to practice a pickleball warmup routine with groundstrokes. Without proper practice, players may lack the skills needed to perform effective groundstrokes during a game.

Additionally, some players may skip over groundstrokes in their warmup routine because they find them less exciting than serving or volleying. However, the best pickleball warmup includes a variety of drills that cover all aspects of the game, including ground strokes.

Incorporating groundstrokes in your pickleball warmup can greatly benefit your game and improve your overall performance. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting this crucial aspect of the game during your warmup routine.

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Ground strokes in pickleball warmups offer several benefits for players:

  1. Warm-up and Loosen Muscles: Ground strokes involve hitting the ball from the baseline, requiring full-body engagement. Performing ground strokes during warmups helps warm up and loosen muscles, preparing them for more intense gameplay.
  2. Develop Rhythm and Timing: Ground strokes involve consistent hitting of the ball, helping players develop their rhythm and timing. By practicing ground strokes in warmups, players can improve their shot consistency and better anticipate the ball’s movement during the game.
  3. Enhance Footwork and Balance: Ground strokes require players to move quickly and efficiently to reach the ball. Regularly incorporating groundstrokes into warmups can improve footwork and balance, allowing players to move smoothly on the court and reach difficult shots more effectively.
  4. Improve Shot Control and Accuracy: Groundstrokes help players develop better control and accuracy over their shots. By focusing on proper technique and form during warmup ground strokes, players can enhance their ability to place shots precisely and hit the ball with more control.
  5. Increase Power and Shot Speed: Practicing groundstrokes with intention during warmups can help players develop more power and shot speed. Players can hit the ball with greater power and velocity by incorporating proper body mechanics and generating more force behind their shots.
  6. Mental Focus and Preparation: Ground strokes require concentration and mental focus to anticipate and react to the ball’s trajectory. Including ground strokes in warmups helps players mentally prepare for the game by sharpening their focus and improving their reaction time.
Master your pickleball warmup routine with groundstrokes- Klyng Coach MIke
Master your pickleball warmup routine with groundstrokes- Klyng Coach MIke

Groundstrokes are one of the fundamental skills in Pickleball. They are executed by hitting the ball after it has bounced on the court surface. These shots are often used in rally play and can be executed with both the forehand and backhand sides. Incorporating groundstrokes into your warm-up routine is crucial as it helps players to improve their footwork, timing, and coordination.

Including groundstrokes in your warm-up routine is one of the best pickleball warm-up drills you can do. By practicing this skill before your game, you’ll warm up the muscles needed to execute it properly, making you more effective during a match. The repetitive nature of the drills can also help players to get into the rhythm of hitting the ball, building confidence and improving muscle memory.

Unfortunately, many players neglect groundstrokes when warming up. This can lead to a slow start during the game, which can result in missed shots and lost points. However, by incorporating these shots into your warm-up routine, you can significantly improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury.

So, don’t overlook the importance of groundstrokes when preparing for a game. They are one of the best pickleball warm-up drills you can do, and they will help you get into the rhythm of hitting the ball and prepare you for a successful match.

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