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From Pickleball Players, for Pickleball Players – That’s Klyng! The fashionable way to Compress and Impress on the pickleball court!

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“Klyng tight, play right!” – Our compression wear will keep your muscles snug and your game on point.

Lily with Klyng Pickleball Compression Clothing

This is how Klyng was born…

Welcome to Klyng, where passion for pickleball meets innovation and style.

The Holistic Evolution of Klyng

The journey of Klyng began with a leap from being a complete non-athlete to becoming a devoted pickleball enthusiast, embracing the sport with unbridled passion and playing every single day of the week. This path was filled with the typical challenges of the game, including strained muscles and twisted ankles, alongside the steep learning curve of mastering a sport as dynamic and multifaceted as pickleball. Yet, these challenges did not merely serve as obstacles; they became the driving force behind a significant personal transformation and, ultimately, the birth of Klyng.

Without any background in sports, I dove headfirst into the world of pickleball, eager to absorb every detail about the game. This deep dive was not just about perfecting the shots and strategies; it was about understanding the importance of recovery and injury prevention. It soon became evident that my journey was not a solitary one; many in the pickleball community were navigating similar challenges, all striving for injury-free play and peak performance.

This collective aspiration led to the inception of Klyng, a brand uniquely tailored to the specific needs of pickleball players on their quest for recovery, excellence, and enjoyment of the game.

Understanding the multifaceted needs of pickleball players, at Klyng, we formed an expert team from different disciplines, taking a holistic approach to product development. Our team includes sports medicine professionals, fabric technology innovators, and seasoned pickleball players, ensuring that every aspect of our compression wear meets the highest standards of functionality, comfort, and style.

Klyng transcends the traditional boundaries of a brand; it embodies the spirit of the pickleball community. By collaborating with a diverse group of experts, professionals, and enthusiasts, we’ve created the ultimate in compression wear, offering unmatched protection and style, precisely tailored for pickleball. We’re a community united by our love for the game, meticulously testing each product to guarantee that Klyng lives up to its promise: to provide support that your body will appreciate.

We warmly invite you to join us in the Klyng lifestyle — a perfect fusion of functionality, fashion, and passion on the pickleball court. Let us share our commitment to making every compression a statement of style and every game a remarkable journey of growth and passion. Welcome to Klyng, where we’re not just playing pickleball; we’re revolutionizing it with grace and holistic innovation.

Lily @ Klyng

Founder & Chef Pickleball Stylist 

And that’s it for now! Catch you on the court!

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