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Why Compression Bra/Top is a Must-Have for Women Pickleball Players

Women's Pro Pickleball Compression Fit Streamlined Tank Top and Bra 2 in 1
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Hey hey, fellow pickleball ladies! It’s your girl Lily, founder of Klyng, here to talk about something super important – protecting your upper body muscles during your pickleball games.

Now, I know we all want to be out there crushing it on the court, but if we’re not taking care of our bodies, we could end up with some serious soreness or even injuries. So let’s chat about the main muscle groups we use for different shots and how to keep them protected with the right compression top.

Women's Pro Pickleball Compression Fit Support Top and Bra 2 in 1 (Double Stripes Back Support)
Women’s Pro Pickleball Compression Fit Support Top and Bra 2 in 1 (Double Stripes Back Support)

First up, we’ve got our chest muscles. These muscles (you know what I’m talking about) are working hard during all of our overhead shots, so we need to make sure they’re supported and protected. That’s where a compression bra comes in – it’ll keep everything in place and help reduce any bouncing or jarring that could lead to soreness.

Next up, let’s talk shoulders. These guys are working overtime during all of our serves and overhead shots, so we need to make sure they’re well-supported. A compression top with targeted compression in the shoulder area will do the trick, helping to improve blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue.

And let’s not forget about our backs – they’re working hard to stabilize us during all of our shots, so we want to make sure they’re protected too. A compression top with support in the back area will help to reduce the risk of any strains or injuries.

Women's Pro Pickleball Compression Fit Support Jacket
Women’s Pro Pickleball Compression Fit Support Jacket

So why exactly is a compression bra or top a must-have for pickleball? Well, not only do they provide support and protection to our muscles during the game, but they can also help with post-game recovery. By improving blood flow and reducing muscle soreness and inflammation, compression wear can help us bounce back faster and be ready for our next game in no time.

And the best part? Klyng offers a range of stylish and functional compression bras and tops designed specifically for pickleball players. So not only will you be taking care of your body, but you’ll also look great doing it!

So ladies, don’t skimp on the compression wear during your next pickleball game. Your upper body muscles will thank you, and you’ll be crushing it on the court in no time. Stay fierce, my friends!

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